In my spare time, I'm still a creator.


Co-founder Plan 14
Creative Residence SUP
2015 - 2020

Together with amazing artists and freelancers, I founded a 'woongroep' ('incubator') on the top floor of an urban center of Amsterdam. Working closely with our municipality we built a unique creative environment where dozens of artists lived and worked together under one roof. Together we created ateliers, workspaces, photography rooms, and A/V production studios.

Child Receiving Gift

Founding Director
'Giving Platform' Non-Profit

GivingPlatform enables anyone in The Netherlands to brighten up the day of a stranger, by sending personalized surprise gifts. The project was successfully crowdfunded and featured on Dutch national new stations.


I worked with several Dutch non-profits who anonymously submitted hundreds of people who were severely lonely, depressed, ill or poor. Visitors of the digital platform can choose 'strangers' based on their profiles of interest, to surprise them with highly personalised packages delivered via the NGO'.

iPhone app
Founder / Designer
Vida (iOS)

I designed my own iPhone app in 2013. It enabled thousands of iPhone users worldwide to be more effective at reaching their life goals.

Vida was a completely unique ‘gamified’ productivity app. Users earned points and leveled up while working on their personal development. Using charts and lists, the app provided a clear overview of daily tasks, in relation to life goals.

I designed the app from scratch, doing UX designs, graphic design, and wireframe schematics myself. I hired two developers for the back-end.


I sold the app to Apptopia in 2014 after reaching 4000+ users.