Past Projects | Personal Initiatives 


Co-founder Plan 14
Creative Residence SUP
2015 - 2020

 I founded a 'woongroep' (incubator) for creative professionals. Working closely with our municipality we built a unique creative environment where dozens of artists lived and worked.


We built ateliers, workspaces, photography rooms, and A/V production studios. 

This situation enabled hundreds of unique creative projects to establish and flourish in the center of Amsterdam. 

Child Receiving Gift

Founding Director
'Giving Platform' Non-Profit

I believe in the power of giving.

From 2017 - 2022 I built and managed GivingPlatform, an online platform that enabled thousands of poverty-stricken people to be surprised by strangers. The project was successfully crowdfunded and featured on Dutch national news stations.


I partnered with several well-established non-profits through which thousands of personalized gifts were given through citizens to people who were severely lonely, depressed, ill, or poverty-stricken. 

I built a digital platform where a used could choose 'strangers' based on their profiles, to subsequently surprise them with highly personalized gifts. The whole logistical process was automated, and 

Amongst others, the platform enabled hundreds of children to be surprised who would have otherwise not received anything for their birthday, and lonely elderly during Christmas. 

GivingPlatform is only partially in operation as we annually focus on surprising lonely people during the holiday season. 

iPhone app
Founder / Designer
Vida (iOS)

I designed the productivity app Vida in 2013. The app had a unique approach to goal setting and to-do lists. 

Vida was a completely unique ‘gamified’ productivity app. Users earned points and leveled up while working on their personal development. The app provided a clear overview of a person's life and achievements.

I decided to sell the app to another company after it had reached thousands of active users.