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In my spare time, I'm still a creator.

That's why I have founded the following initiatives.

iPhone app
Founder / Designer
Vida (iOS)

I designed my own iPhone app in 2013. It enabled thousands of iPhone users worldwide to be more effective at reaching their life goals.

Vida was a completely unique ‘gamified’ productivity app. Users earned points and leveled up while working on their personal development. Using charts and lists, the app provided a clear overview of daily tasks, in relation to life goals.

I designed the app from scratch, doing UX designs, graphic design, and wireframe schematics myself. I hired two developers for the back-end.


I sold the app to Apptopia in 2014 after reaching 4000+ users.

Creative Cowork Space

Together with amazing artists and freelancers, I founded a 'woongroep' ('incubator') in the city center of Amsterdam. After working with 'Urban Resort' and the municipality we created a unique creative environment in Amsterdam where lived and worked together under one roof. The space consisted of several ateliers, workspaces, photography rooms, and A/V production studios.

Renovated Office

Founder / Director
'Giving Platform'

GivingPlatform enablesd anyone in The Netherlands to brighten up the day of a stranger, by sending surprise gifts.  The project was successfully crowdfunded and featured on Dutch national new stations and is still in operation. I designed an online portal to make it possible for anyone to choose someone to surprise. I worked with several Dutch non-profits who anonymously submitted hundreds of people who were severely lonely, depressed, ill or poor.

Image by PoloX Hernandez
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Various NGOs

I traveled far and wide to help NGOs across the world. I offered full production services, shooting video and recording interviews and audio myself, for free. I edited the videos and added motion graphics. In the end, several nonprofits are still using my videos for awareness and fundraising purposes. I offered my services temporarily without asking for a fee. I loved the adventure and creation process.

Organizations I helped ranged from humanitarian services to animal welfare. They included Soi Dog,  Ways of Change (Thailand), and KCDS (Myanmar). I also filmed for Nexus Global Summit.

I planned to craete a full documentary from my work with the Kayan people of Thailand. I made a promotional trailer for it, but after receiving many requests for my regular commercial freelance work I was not able to finish the project. A university in the United States emailed me if they could use my documentary footage for a University project. I gladly delivered the footage in the hopes it is now used for a great project.