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Personal initiatives.


Co-Founder Plan 14
Creative Residence SUP
2015 - 2020

After a winning pitch to the municipality of Amsterdam, I co-founded a local incubator with a team of creatives. Together we built a unique creative environment in the center of Amsterdam for hundreds of artists to find a place to meet and connect. The goal was to build a central residence for talented creatives, filled with ateliers, production studios, co-work spaces, and even rooms to stay in.


+ Enabled 1000+ of creative & social projects. 

+ Provide affordable spaces for 500+ talented creatives.

+ Helped develop the neighborhood

Child Receiving Gift

Founding Director
'Giving Platform' Non-Profit
2017 - 2021

I believe in the power of giving. 

In my spare time I built and managed GivingPlatform, an online platform that enabled over 2000 poverty-stricken people to be surprised by strangers. The project was successfully crowdfunded and featured on multiple Dutch national radio stations.

I built a digital platform where a user could surprise 'strangers' with highly personalized gifts. I automized the entire logistical process was automated.


Over 1000 Surprises sent in total to families in need and lonely elderly.

GivingPlatform is currently only in operation around the holidays.

iPhone app
Founder / Designer
Vida (iOS)

I designed the productivity app Vida in 2013 from a-z. The app had a unique approach to goal setting and to-do lists. 

Vida was a completely unique ‘gamified’ productivity app. Users earned points and leveled up while working on their personal development. The app provided a clear overview of a person's life and achievements.

Downloads: 32k

Review score: 4.7/5

What touched me the most was the people sending me e-mails about how much it improved their lives.

I decided to sell the app to another company after it had reached thousands of active users.


Enabling thousands of like-minded people to get quality educational tools for the benefit of mental health with psychedelic medicine. 

After years of volunteering within the psychedelic research & mental health space, I worked together with harm-reduction experts, researchers, and artists.

Hundreds of people online gave their input for a truly co-created toolbox that gives homages to pioneering psychedelic medicine, helping thousands of people who struggle with treatment-resistant depression, clusterheadaches, or PTSD.

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