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Project example.

A co-director and I were hired by O'Neill to initiate projects with their global vision of ‘protecting our playground’ . We expanded on the vision by deploying several media assets, as part of a program to test partnerships with creative freelancers like ourselves.


A strategic brainstorm with the O'Neill headoffice sessions led to the development of several new campaigns. I built a local team of photographers, videographers, drone pilots, and models. I also got in touch with local influencers. I made Instagram Stories, downloadable Wallpapers, and more. Other than this could use my hands-on skills in video editing, as a DOP, and as a designer. 

End result:

100+ fashion photo’s

2 Branded social micro-documentaries

3 Lifestyle fashion videos

Event organized with local charity 

10 Boomerangs for Instagram

10 Cinemagraphs for Facebook & Instagram

5 Downloadable phone wallpapers for Instagram

Close-up/macro photography

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