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Global harm reduction campaigns.

I've designed and executed global campaigns for governmental organizations in Europe and Africa.


Creative Strategist

Creative Director

Senior Producer

Art Director and Designer (Print & Digital)

 Project Management

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Chemsex Project

The challenge:

Chemsex is the specific intention to combine drugs with sex. Most gay men use drugs consciously, in a safe and controlled manner. They don’t face any serious health or sexual problems. But a steadily growing group of men is losing control. A joint partnership of Mainline, the Dutch Police, GGD, and Jellinek gave me the assignment to deliver a media solution to inform the target audience of Chemsex, in an innovative way.

My solution:

A well targeted infomercial that is engaging, exciting, both positive yet realistic. I wanted the style to be raw, so the viewer would be complete engaged to watch throughout. The video was displayed across the world online, as well as on a key harm reduction conference.


My role:

Designer, Director of Photography, Visual Effects, Producer, Editor

Harm Reduction in Africa.

The challenge:

Needle sharing is on the rise, giving an influx of sexually transmitted diseases in Tanzania. Mainline wanted me to convey the message of their important harm-reduction work, as a pitch to the Dutch government to keep investing in this Dutch grass roots approach. My task was to design a full campaign that would be exciting, engaging, and informative. It should 'ring alarm bells' with our governmental readers and stand out from their more mundane literature. 


My role:

Designer, Art Director

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