From an early age, I knew that I wanted to use my creativity to make an impact. For over 15 years I've partnered with some of the best teams and brands on the planet to realize what can only be considered to be the best-in-class in digital media. 


Anatol Kuschpeta

CEO Newlife

For the last 4 years we have done several projects with Koen Oosterbroek. He always surprises us by giving more then we expected. His creativeness and professionalism are beyond expectations. He never missed a deadline. For us as a production company this is key because we work with major accounts. Our clients are Rabobank International, Ernst & Young, DSM and Ahold and others. They expect the best.


What I as entrepeneur especialy like is the fact that Koen always says ‘Yes, it is possible’. We never talked about working hours only about end result and cutting edge solutions. Not only he is able to make it, he also understand the bigger abstract picure our customers tell us.


I would like to thank Koen for the last few years and love to work the coming years with him.


Django Weisz Blanchetta

Founder & Managing Director Superheroes

Koen is an absulute pleasure to work with. What distinguished him from others was his ability to think strategically and pragmatically. He didn't only show his talent for design and animation. He made a clear overview of what must be done and managed matters on-point to meet the deadlines. Besides this, he had very a proactive approach.


Koen is able to spot opportunities and provide adequate solutions to any creative challenge.


Paula Kuiper

Head of Marketing

Paula's Choice

Koen started as an Art Director/Designer and became the Creative Lead of our European headquarters. because of his creative, innovative way of working and strategic skills. Within our international environment, Koen knew how to handle different cultural demographics and became a very important creative partner.


Koen has a unique way to look at things from a marketing and creative perspective. He remains calm and sober despite our fast-paced work environment, managing multiple projects simultaneously. He spearheaded projects that ultimately lead us to become one of the biggest brands in the EU.


He is very hard-working, and his creativeness always exceeds what we expect. I am looking forward to working with Koen in the foreseeable future.