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Independent Brand Creative
Designer | Manager | Producer

2008 - today

Image by Jerome


2020 - today


A premium brand at the forefront of crafting exquisite educational kits for legal plant medicine, committed to enlightening individuals on safe and respectful usage for personal development.



  • Pioneered as the world's first luxury brand in this specific market.

  • Consistently acclaimed with a perfect 5/5 star rating from over 50 reviews.

  • Successfully distributed over 1,000 products, ensuring safe and transformative experiences.

  • Cultivated a thriving global community, engaging with over 5,000 followers.

  • Launched an insightful podcast, extending our reach and deepening our impact in this sphere.

Plant Medicine Education

Engaging in in-depth interviews with leading researchers, visionary entrepreneurs, and influential policymakers, I delve into the efforts being made for the responsible integration of (indigenous) plant medicine into society. Our podcast resonates globally, captivating thousands of listeners with insightful discussions and pioneering perspectives.


Past projects:

Designer, filmmaker, and photographer.

Specializing in crafting compelling content for corporate entities and NGOs, I have orchestrated numerous professional shoots for esteemed brands, including O'Neill and Albert Heijn. My expertise spans a diverse range of photography, from capturing the essence of interiors to portraying unique personalities in portraits. Beyond photography, my skills extend to creating dynamic videos, enhanced by my proficiency in after-effects and post-production. This blend of talents has made me the go-to choice for a multitude of clients seeking professional and impactful visual storytelling.

Creative Residence
'PLAN 14'
2015 - 2020

After a winning pitch to the municipality of Amsterdam, I co-founded a local space with a team of other creatives. Together we built a unique creative environment in the center of Amsterdam for hundreds of artists to find a place to connect, live, and work. We built a central residence for talented creatives that included cowork spaces, ateliers, production studios, dance halls, and private dorms.


+ Provide affordable spaces for 100+ talented creatives.

+ Enabled hundreds of multidisciplinary projects to develop between artists.

Child Receiving Gift

Founder NGO



2017 - 2021

Screenshot 2023-12-10 at 17.13.10.jpg

Dedicated to the power of generosity, I developed 'GivingPlatform,' an online platform that enabled the gifting of personalized surprises to over 2,000 underprivileged individuals. This initiative, crowdfunded and featured on Dutch national radio, has delivered over 1,000 surprises to families in need and the elderly living alone. Now, primarily operational during holidays, GivingPlatform represents a commitment to community spirit and meaningful connection.

Founder iPhone app (iOS)


Screenshot 2023-12-10 at 17.23.33.jpg

I designed and developed the productivity app Vida in 2013. The app had a unique approach to goal setting and to-do lists. 

Vida was a completely unique ‘gamified’ productivity app. Users earned points and leveled up while working on their personal development. The app provided a clear overview of a person's life and achievements.

Downloads: 32k

Review score: 4.7/5

What touched me the most was the people sending me e-mails about how much it improved their lives.

I decided to sell the app to another company after it had reached thousands of active users.

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